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Many different replica watches

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For whatever reason, many people purchase watches that cost thousands of dollars and render the wearer liable to get their hand chopped off while walking home from a posh cocktail party. For everyone else, a replica watch is an inexpensive and sometimes give the impression that you are wearing the genuine Rolex while you are catering the posh cocktail party.

Many different people purchase replica Rolex watches. Some already own a Rolex but prefer to keep it in a safe tucked away and want an imitation for when they go out. For others, they like the look of a genuine brand and want the replica without spending thousands of dollars that a real Rolex may cost. Although it sounds like an oxymoron there are genuine Rolex fakes. In other words, there is a lot of variance in the quality of replica Rolex watches ranging from the Swiss high quality replicas, to the lesser Chinese replicas. If you are in the market for a real Rolex, or are interested in a quality fake Rolex, take a close look at a few things first.

Watches have distinguishing marks:

Check for serial numbers which Breitling watches are usually located on the back of one of the lugs, or on cheap rolex watches the back of the case. On older Omega watches, the number is still 8 digits and almost always inside the watch, engraved into the movement. Rolex watches normally have their model and serial numbers on the outside side of the case, between the lugs where the bracelet or strap attach. Sometimes the presence of a correctly engraved or laser etched serial number is enough to confirm the watch is real, except for a replica Rolex watch that often do bear fake serial numbers. Verify the serial number with Rolex manufacturers.

Rolex replica watches range from as little as several hundred dollars. Often times, the reproductions are extremely similar to the real thing in terms of logo and serial numbers. Although it is illegal to infringe on intellectual property such as logos, many replica manufacturers don't respect the rules and use serial numbers and logos anyway. On a promising note, most counterfeits are of current and recent model watches. One reason may be because the market for older models is not in demand, and consequently not worthwhile to pursue.

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