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This lens isn't talking only about studio headphones, you can find here also headphones for mixing, dj, and even for just listening music.

The headphones that will be shown in this lens, are made from the best meterials, they have the best sound in the market and they can sol republic tracks hd be used for any type of music.

When I started to write this lens, I thought how can I make it eaiser for you. So I've written with every review the advantages and disadvantages, I recommend you to read slowly and decide after you go through all of them.

The price range of the headphones that I will review are between 90$-250$, of course you can find much more expensive headphones for studio with much better sound and comfort, but in this lens I decided to review headphones that suitable for every pocket.

Let's start with the comfort- These headphones are really comfortable! you can listen to music for hours with these headphones and it won't hurt or bother you at all, You can also lie and sleep with the M50. The comfort allows you to record with these amazing headphones for hours.

The sound quality is INCREDIBLE, when you use them in full volume I can promise, you won't hear anything! You cannot hear even yourself! Try to shout really loud while you listen to music with these headphones and you will not hear anything except your music.

Another advantage in these headphones- the bass is perfect!

It's not too noticeable like Beats bass, and it's not too weak, Audio Technica did it perfectly.

It comes with nice protective pouch and one year warranty (save it!).

Many people compare these headphones with Beats Studio.

My opinion: ATHM50 headphones are MUCH better than the Beats! The sound is much better,the noise isloation is stronger and they are more comfortable.

M50's price is less than half.

I think these headphones, are the best product that Sennheiser has ever producted. These headphones are lightweight, comfortable, blocking outside noises and designed well.

In addition they're really cheap If we compare to the other studio headphones.

Highly recommened for monitoring, they compatible with any kind of MP3, iPod , iPhone and even tablets (only listen) and also any kind of mobile phone that support a 3.5mm jack plug. They have a close design, a feature which allows to the noise isolation to be more aggressive and strong.

The collapsible design in addition to the swiveling ear cups, gives you the maximum comfort.

Awesome headphones from Grado company. These headphones have excellent sound with impressive bass.

These headphones are pretty old, Grado published them in 2004, but they still really good and highly recommend! Perfect sound, blocking outside noises perfectly, they can reach to a really high volume level and in addition they're really comfortable.

They are ideal for monitoring, mixing and DJs.

The reason for that I placed these headphones in the 3rd place and not in the 2nd place is that they're not modern like the HD-280 and M50 headphones. They are older than the M50 and HD-280 headphones, but they have many amazing things to offer! If you don't trust me, trust on satisfied custumers!

I guess that most of you have heard many times about the famouse headphones brand.

But, these headphones are not the famous model of beats, these are the Mixr model, they made especially for DJs and Studio. They are bestsellers thanks to the great marketing work that dr Dre did, but also because their high quality sound and their strong sound isolation.

The sound quality is really fantastic. So clear, so smooth. you actually enjoy listening to music with the Beats Mixr. I can tell you from my experience, the sound is amazing. The bass sol republic headphones is OK, not the best you can found.

If you're looking for high quality headphones, stylish and comfortable headphones, these headphones are for you!

Sony is the one of the biggest company that product headphones and in general electronics. I think that these headphones are one of the best headphones they've ever made.

The comfort and the great sound are the reasons that makes these headphones to be in my list. They're extremely cheap and suitable for every budget. I think that the only problem with them- they don't look so good, Anyway, if you don't look for style but you intersted in real quality, these are for you!

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