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Cool Vintage Watches

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Leg Cramps and Toe Cramps are excruciating

I sure most people have had either leg cramps or toe cramps before. Perhaps you experienced them both at one time or another as well. Those of us who have had them before know how excruciating it can be. The pain is awful and almost unbearable. I a grown woman but one time I woke up from sleep with severe leg cramps, and the pain was so bad that I started crying and praying for God to stop the pain. It was terrible.

Toe cramps are just as painful. You could be walking along, going about your business in one moment and then in the next step feel intense pain in your toes. When it's happened before, I sat down and looked at my toes and it like they are ripping apart and pulling in different directions. It would be funny if it wasn so painful. Those of you out there who had them know what I mean. It really hurts.

Leg Cramps Toe Cramps are Excruciating

What causes Leg Cramps and Toe Cramps?

What causes leg cramps, and toe cramps? Many people say that several things cause them. The ones discussed most are:

** Muscle stress from over working or putting them in odd positions

** Dehydration or not drinking enough water

** Vitamin and mineral deficiency specifically potassium and magnesium

I believe all of these things can cause leg cramps and toe cramps. My home remedy works for me no matter the cause.

I haven't seen my remedy mentioned on the Internet yet

I decided to write this article because I've never seen the remedy that works for me mentioned in articles about this common problem. A search on Google brings up lots of pages on the topic. There are all kinds of leg cramps remedies and cures people swear by. Some people take potassium and other mineral supplements. Some people drink pickle juice. Others sleep with an unwrapped bar of soap at the foot of their bed. There were all kinds of strange home remedies like this, but again I did not see my remedy mentioned at all. Perhaps it has been published on the Internet somewhere, but I just haven't found it yet. I made the decision to put my remedy to stop leg cramps and toe cramps out there. Apparently not many people have heard of it or publicized it before. Maybe what works for monster beats dr dre me will work for someone else.

This remedy stops my Leg Cramps and Toe Cramps instantly every time

Does the copper in pennies stop leg cramps?

This home remedy may not work for you, but it works for me every time. So what is this remedy that stops my cramps instantly whether they're leg cramps, toe cramps, or calf cramps? It's copper. Yes copper. I discovered that at the moment I feel a leg cramp or toe cramp coming on, putting pennies on the muscle would stop the cramping. It's strange.

I don't remember exactly where I learned to use pennies to stop cramps. As a kid, I spent some summers with my grandmother and I remember she always wore an ankle chain with a penny on it around her leg. The penny had a hole in it and she wore it like a charm on the anklet. I don't know if I ever asked her why she wore it. Maybe that's where I got the idea of using pennies from. Anyway, it works. No kidding. Honestly, it really does. Every time I felt a leg cramp or toe cramp coming on I would grab some pennies to put on my skin.

Now, I've graduated to using a copper bracelet. It's difficult to hold a bunch of pennies to a leg or toes that are cramping up. I used to put pennies in my shoes and socks, even between my toes. (I know what you're thinking, "Toe jam. Gross!" LOL. Well, your mom is right boys and girls. You should not put money in your mouth. You don't know where that stuff's been.)

I don't use pennies anymore since I started wearing a copper bracelet. The copper bracelet does not have to be touching the cramp itself. I just put it on my wrist so that it's touching the skin on the inside of my wrist. It must be that the copper is absorbed through the skin and veins on my wrist and the copper is transferred though my entire body via the bloodstream. I don't know exactly how it works. I just know it does. When I get a cramp, I run to find and put on my copper bracelet and immediately the muscles relax and the cramp goes away. It works for me every time. You should try it.

Copper bracelets don't cost very much. I think my remedy of wearing a copper bracelet to stop leg cramps or toe cramps is better than drinking pickle juice or kicking around a bar of soap under your covers while you're trying to sleep. But "to each his own" as the saying goes.

My remedy is not the magnetic bracelet, but the ones including copper probably also work

I've seen people promote a magnetic bracelet to stop arthritis pain. A lot of golfers wear them. Some of the magnetic bracelets also have copper in them so, they may work to stop leg and toe cramps too. However, that is not the bracelet I wear to stop my cramps. The one I use is just a plain copper bracelet. Of course you can try using a magnetic bracelet to see if it will work for you. I guess it would not hurt to try it.

Copper bracelets come in many designs.

If you want to see if a copper bracelet will work to stop your leg cramps, toe cramps, etc. come and check out the bracelet shown above or see other attractive styles.

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